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Colorado West Realty’s Blog

Hi! This is our first post for Colorado West Realty, thanks for stopping in! I thought I would use this opportunity to introduce the team.

Currently we are 3. Well, 3 lovely folks who work to provide the best realty of the Southwest to our wonderful clients. There is also Sarah Cullington, our sweet daughter, who helps with the site and will be providing some blog posts. Colorado West Realty is a family run company by my husband, Ed Cullington, and me, Barb Cullington, with the addition of one our Broker Associates, Bob Toles. All three of us have spent 20 + years in Southwest Colorado and plan to stay. We are passionate about the area, believe in this community, and welcome everyone!

Barbara Cullington, Broker, GRI, ePro

Barbara Cullington, Broker, GRI, ePro


I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Barbara, but you can call me Barb. I have  lived in Cortez, Colorado for 28 years and have watched this community grow. I started working in Real Estate about 8 years ago when my husband bought Colorado West Realty. What I love about my job the most is interacting with people from every background. I have heard so many interesting stories from world travellers I could probably write a book!

I love a number of things about the Southwest: the beautiful country, the close community, and of course, the soccer!  I was raised in the Midwest with a very strong sense of civic responsibility. I have been coaching, refferring, and playing soccer for over 20 years and watched all three of my children compete on the local teams. I was a co-founder of the local youth soccer program (Tri-City Soccer) in the 1980s and have continued to serve the program as Coach, Director, and Referee as well as raising thousands of dollars for the club over the years. I am also a Director of the Cortez Chamber of Commerce and serve on committees to help promote the Downtown Area and to act as an Ambassador for Cortez. I am the Secretary/Treasurer for the Four Corners Board of REALTORS®.

I have been certified as a  Quality Service Certified Broker, an e-PRO Internet Professional, and have achieved a Certificate of Achievement from United Country’s UNITEDPOWER course. With 20 years of editing and copy design, I specialize in advertising media for our company.

I have a lot of great memories in the Southwest and will always encourage others to consider this area for their new home!

Ed Cullington, Managing Broker

This is my husband, Ed.  He has been in the Realty business for over 20 years! Known as quite the joker, his clients are drawn to his  humor and sweet personality. He still works with many of his first clients and considers them good friends. He and I met here in Cortez, Colorado, and have not left since.

Ed is very active in the community as a Chamber member, a volunteer, and a Karate instructor. Ed first discovered Karate while taking our son, Jon, and our daughter, Sarah, to their first class as kids and decided to stick around and join in. He was instantly hooked, eventually earned his black belt, and has provided classes for youth in the community. Sarah was always excited to bring her father to career day at school for being the Karate Kid Realtor.

Ed helped me join the world of Real Estate and we are grateful to own our business where we are able to work with and meet so many people. Ed has always remarked how he is grateful to have the opportunity to be one of the first faces people meet when they move to Cortez.

Ed specializes in commercial sales and leasing, and manages the largest commercial retail spaces at the Cortez Plaza.

Bob Toles, Broker Associate

Bob Toles, Broker Associate

The man to the left is Bob. Bob joined our team about three years ago and we have really enjoyed working with him. He originally earned a Master of Business Education and actually taught a few of our children’s classes in high school. Bob has lived in the area for about 25 years, most of which he worked as a teacher. After he retired, he realized an interest in Real Estate and soon joined our team. He brings a  very kind and easy going personality the office, something his clients also appreciate. He loves this area for all the outdoor opportunities. He views it as an ideal place to raise kids and especially loves spending time with the grandkids. His daughter attended school with our daughter, another proof that most people are connected to each other in some way helping to build a solid community. Bob also is in charge of our residential property managment business where his business management skills and his compassion for others is a strong attribute. Since he has joined our company our property managment services have more than doubled.

So that is us in a nut shell. As far as the business goes, Colorado West Realty has been around for 20 years (celebrating our 20th anniversary this year!) making us one of the oldest real estate offices in town. We teamed up with  United Country in 2007 as a way to help better serve our current and future clients. We also provide property management services, and are happy to manage a number of homes in our community. If you would like to learn more about the Southwest, feel free to contact us anytime! Email or call 1-(800)-328-6020.


Barbara Cullington